b'Our project team Thank you to our book production team for their enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism.The team this year included Healthy NewsWorks staffers Mia Blitstein, Sarah Lowing, and Ginger Ragland, whose tireless work kept the project on track as they set up interviews, guided our reporters through their research and interviews to their finished articles, and made sure deadlines were met.Thanks also to the editing staff for their behind-the-scenes skills: Lisa Tracy, Mary Lowe Kennedy, Ted Duncombe, and Dana Reddington for the fact-checking and polishing of our students work.Special thanks to our book designer, Andrea Miller Tan. The Homer Group Inc. graciously served as our printer, and we are especially grateful to staffer Diane Davis forILLUSTRATION BYexpanding our community network.Samantha Lopez, seventh grade Marian UhlmanCatholic Partnership Schools Healthy CourierExecutive Director Healthy NewsWorks48'