b'James Gahagan, health and physical education teacherAs William Row-ens gym teacher, James Gahagan has handled the challenges this year by making the best of his situation and taking each day in stride.His greatest challenge, he said, wasILLUSTRATION BYfiguring out what activities he could offerJose Arevalo, sixth grade his students to give them a meaningfulLa Salle Academy contributor gym class education while also keeping everyone safe.He suggested that students who are having a His concerns were very different in 2020, whendifficult time talk with someone. Also: Find an school was online. Then it was hard to getoutlet for yourself, like exercise, yoga, drawing. students to participate in activities on Zoom, heSomething that will clear the mind and relax said. The pandemic took a lot away from kids. you. He added, I think its important that we find ourWhen he needs to relax, he said, he coaches way back to the activities we used to doplaysoftball, soccer, and track. His daughters, ages outside again, exercise, be with friends. Being11 and 9, are part of the soccer and softball so isolated took away our ability to be socialteams, and he hopes someday to coach his together.3-year-old as well.Mr. Gahagan has tried to help kids deal with theHe also takes his dog for hour-long walks. I challenges by being a good listener. He said heforget about my problems, he said. I feel pretty is always available for students when they havegood: I got my steps in, and my mind is relaxed, a story to share or a problem to solve. He likes tomy troubles arent as present anymore. Im re-make them laugh, because he knows school canlaxed and comfortable afterwards.be stressful. By Healthy RoarstaffWilliam Rowen Elementary School 39'