b'Expressing feelingsWays to cope include asking for help, creating art, and spending time with friends, familyand even animals.Tami Benton, childrens psychiatrist finds that anxiety, fear, and worry are emo-tions that could be triggered by something as simple as a test in school or something Its normal forbigger, like having issues with family or kids to be sad orfriends.anxious, says Dr.She said that when youre feeling not quite Tami Benton, andright and it doesnt seem to be getting any she wants them tobetter, thats the time to turn to a trusted understand thatadulta parent or another family member, its OK.a teacher, or a school nurse. But those feel- Sometimes, Dr. Benton said, kids need to ings can becomesee a therapist who has been trained to a problem if theyhelp people with behavior or mental health dont go away. We dont label anxiety asproblems. This could happen when a kid is a problem until it interferes with your abil- dealing with anxiety, depression, or anoth-ity to do the things you want to do, saider serious challenge. If theyve changed Dr. Benton, who is psychiatrist-in-chief atsomehow from being a kid that was fine to Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. Samebeing a kid whos not so fine, thats when with sadness. It becomes a problem whenkids come to see me, she said.that sadness stays. And sometimes, she said, the help thats So how do you know if you need help?needed is to change something at school or When you change from how you wereat home. Sometimes its more complicated. before, Dr. Benton said, thats a key sign.Every situation is different.When you are feeling things that preventDr. Benton said that understanding the you from getting along with the peopledifference between anxiety and fear is an you love or doing the things that you enjoy,important skill. Fear is a reaction to some-thats how you know.thing that could really happen. Anxiety is As a childrens psychiatrist, Dr. Bentonthe sense of fear about something that is 31'