b'For students, finally, what healing isListening to others, drawing butterflies, dancing in the living room, going outside, and maybe making browniesMy friends and I heal by talking and listen- we play pool in his basement. Sometimes ing to each other. That makes us feel likeI listen to rap music when Im upset or in a we belong and like someone really caresbad mood. These are the things I do when about us. We help our friends go throughIm going through a difficult time.challenging times by talking to them and By Jackson Murphy, fourth gradeshowing them we care.Whitehall Healthy ReporterBy Aidah Sanders, fifth gradeWilliam Cramp Fit FlyerThe way I heal is by drawing or coloring while listening to music in my room. If I When I am feeling sad, I look around thedont have music, I watch TV just to relax, house and, anything I see, I try to putor I will call my friends and talk to them. together to make a song. Then my sisterAnother way I heal is by dancing and and I make a beat with the things I see. Tosinging my feelings away. This helps me demonstrate, my sister once said, One daybecause I focus on something other than I saw a man with a hair dryer, then I sawsitting with my thoughts.a bird in the sky. I also draw. SometimesBy Evangel Blue, eighth grade when I wake up, I go downstairs and put on music and dance to it. I leap or do anyDePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journaltype of dance move. By Janet Domah, fifth grade When I feel frustrated, I like to take deepJoseph W. Catharine Healthy Cougar breaths to calm down.When I feel sad, Icount to 10. By Rodmyre Saxon, third grade My swing helps me calm down when Im mad after playing a video game or afterGotwals Healthy Presslosing a soccer game. I also go play outside and calm down by riding my bike. Some-times I even go to my friends house, and 43'