b'Try a mindfulness activity !During the La Salle Academy Healthy News interview with Laura Romano, she led a short mindfulness activity. Give it a try! Focus for a moment on how your body feels.ILLUSTRATION BYYour mind will go other places. Thats not aMaribel Quino, ninth grade problem. Every time you notice, it is a win! AndGirls High contributorthen bring your attention back.Stand up with your arms at your sides.Some ways you can heal are Swing your arms fast and then stop. listening to calm sounds suchSahir Raise your right arm. as rivers flowing and windWhitingblowing. You can also go outside With your arm stretched high, turn yourand play a sport, jog around, oreighth hand and look up at your palm. take a short walk around thegradeKeep feeling the stretch. And keep noticingneighborhood.when your mind goes other places. JustDePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journalsee it without judging yourself and bring your mind back again.After one minute, lower your right arm andI like to meditate. First you repeat the same steps with your left arm. make sure you are in a nice calm Afterwards, ask yourself: How did your bodyroom where there is no noise soKhalil feel? How did the raised arm feel? Did youyou wont get distracted. ThenMcDanieljudge yourself when you found yourself think- you focus on breathing. Breatheeighth ing about other things? Was it hard to stayat a steady pace and relax yourgradefocused? body.You are on your way to practicing mindfulness! DePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal25'