b'Marissa Freeman, second-grade teacher listen to the music and the wordsand just the feeling that you get when you go to church. She goes to the gym to improve her mental and When second gradersphysical health. When I went to the gymI arrived at James Loganslept better because my mind was able to use in fall 2021, they had tothe gym as a form of therapy to help with my relearn what it means toanxiety.be physically in school. For many, their first andMs. Freeman said that kids having a difficult only experience hadtime should talk with someone about it, perhaps been in kindergarten. a teacher, a parent, or a friend. She also sug-gested that kids could help themselves heal by In her classroom, Ma- writing or drawing to express their feelings. rissa Freeman saw thedifficulties kids were having. I dont believe thatBy Healthy Eagle staff they necessarily had all of the strategies thatJames Logan Elementary Schoolthey needed in their toolbox to come back toI was able to get through most of my school and prepare themselves to be winners of excellence, she told us. seventh-grade year by being in person While they were attending school virtually, kidsin school with all my teachers and missed the chance to learn a lot of social skills.friends. I managed to get through by To support them now, Ms. Freemans class hastalking to people like my friends, fam-community meetings that help build our social toolboxes, working on skills we need to be aily, and my sister. Just talking things good friend and a good citizen in the classroomout when I am anxious helps me cope and outside at all times.with whats going on. I sometimes It has been hard for her too, she said. She haswill draw what I am feeling, which felt frustrated because she thought she wasnt doing enough.tends to help me too. She takes care of herself partly by doing things she enjoys, such as going out to restaurants.JAELYNWhen shes having a difficult time, she said, IseventhVAZQUEZ gradethink going to church really helps me. I like to Catholic Partnership Schools Healthy Courier38'