b'Jameka McGraw-Byrd, school leader Ms. McGraw-Byrd rebounds from a setback by listening to gospel music, talking with family and friends, and praying. She also believes in grace. Jameka McGraw-ByrdGrace is Gods favor to those of us who are took up golf for exerciseunworthy, she said. I make sure that I remem-and stress relief duringber God loves me no matter what, and I can still the pandemic.recover, and I have His grace.She added it to otherMs. McGraw-Byrds advice for students dealing self-care practices suchwith a tough time is to have someone by your as reading and spendingside. Just expressing when youre having a diffi-time with friends andcult time can do wonders. Exercising and listen-family. Its important toing to music can help too, she said.have a support system where you feel like you can talk about what isTheres an energy that radiates from you when stressing you out, said Ms. McGraw-Byrd, whoyoure happy, Ms. McGraw-Byrd said, and is executive director of Catholic Partnershipthat comes from being healed. I think we all go Schools in Camden. through challenges and struggles, but making sure that you acknowledge those challenges As CPSs leader, Ms. McGraw encourages staffand struggles helps you to become the best you to have connections and feel comfortable talkingpossible.about their problems. She also encourages students to talk about whats challenging them. By Healthy Courier staffAnd she has made sure there are physical ac- Catholic Partnership Schoolstivities such as yoga in after-school programs, flag football, and running.Its been kind of annoying to have to wear masks.They make talking very difficult because you muffle stuff out your mouth. But at the same time, its been very nice to be back in person. IElijahfocus better when I can see things in person instead of having toPaulemamake out what they are saying because of the bad internet. fifth When I walk inside my school I see the same old memories fromgradepast timesmy old teacher, my old classroom, and the same oldWilliam Rowen Healthy Roarhalls.40'