b'Sowing togethernessThe city and surroundings are home to a wealth of growing things, and a park can also help friendships blossom.Tommy Joshua Caison, urban farmer play, and listen to music. Those who come feel welcomed and relaxed because its neat and clean and people are in harmony A garden can bewith each other, Brother Tommy said. a lot more thanThe park also promotes the idea that peo-a place to growple can be anything they want to be. For fruits, vegetables,instance, if someone wants to go into med-flowers, and othericine, they can come to the park and assist plants. the nurses who give free screenings there. It is a place to heal,If you want to be an engineer, you can said Tommy Joshuacome and help us put things together like Caison, founder ofbirdhouses and garden beds, Brother North Philly PeaceTommy said. If you have plans on going Park. to college, you can come to the Peace Park Mr. Caisonor as he likes to be called,and meet college students.Brother Tommystarted the park 10 yearsBrother Tommy became interested in gar-ago for the North Philadelphia neighbor- dening as a child. He would visit his Uncle hood where he lived. Its main purpose isTaylor, who had a farm in North Carolina to promote caring for each other: to makeand grew corn, okra, tomatoes, and wa-us care more about our neighborhoods,termelons. When his uncle harvested the about nature, about what we eat, andcrops, he invited a lot of people to a neigh-about how we do things, he said. borhood cookout at his house. People should be safe and comfortable,Years later, Brother Tommy noticed the va-Brother Tommy said. Nobody should becant lots in North Philadelphia and thought fighting each other, arguing, shooting eachabout his Uncle Taylors farm. He liked the other. idea of starting a community garden on his The Peace Park is a green communityblock and getting neighbors involved. space where people garden, create art, 27'