b'doing work in the garden. I used some of the yarrow plant to help stop the bleed-ing. Can you describe what a typical day looks like for you?On a typical day, Ill visit one of our 66 orchards and find out how its going. We talk about what needs help, and then we work together. We prune the trees. Well weed and mulch. When its ready, well harvest the fruit that is growing.What season is the best to grow in? Because fruit trees live all year round,ILLUSTRATION BYwe dont have to plant them each year.Miguel Soto, fifth grade The best season to plant a new fruit treeWilliam Cramp Fit Flyer is in the fall. We grow herbs that can be harvested into late fall. Herbs can be dried andTommy Joshua Caison is a North used all winter.Philadelphia-born community organizer and urban farmer with deep roots in the How is locally grown food healthier for theU.S. South. He is the founder and executive environment? director of the Philly Peace Park, which Its better for the environment because fruit thathas ecology campuses in North and West is shipped must travel by truck, boat, or plane toPhiladelphia.get to us.Corrie Spellman-Lopez earned a bachelors How can kids get involved in helping with thedegree in peace and social justice from Philadelphia Orchard Project? Berea College and a certificate in ecological Some of our orchards are at schoolsright inhorticulture from the Center for Agroecology the playgroundso its easy for students to getand Sustainable Food Systems at the involved in those. If you dont have an orchard atUniversity of California, Santa Cruz.your school, kids can come to our volunteer daysFor longer biographies, visit: with their families. You can find a list of volunteerHealthyNewsWorks.orgevents on our website (philly orchards.org).29'