b'Turning to scienceArmed with knowledge, doctors and researchers develop new technologies, medicines, and vaccines to help us heal.Ruth Clements, diagnostic testing executive sicians, and scientists. They also connect-ed with people in China and South Korea, where the virus was spreading much faster. Youve probablyQuest got virus specimen samples from sci-heard a lot aboutentists in those countries to use in learning medical testinghow to make tests for the virus.during the pan- We were tired, exhausted, and running on demic. You mayfumes, Ms. Clements told us.We all did it even have had abecause we wanted to stop the pandemic.test to see whetherTesting can help prevent the spread of you had Covid-19. the virus, she explained. If you are going Ruth Clementsto visit Grandma and Grandpa, you want played a big roleto make sure you dont bring the virus to in making surethem. A test can tell you whether you are millions of people could be tested for theinfected.virus. She is the vice president and generalAs with countless others, the pandemic manager of infectious diseases & immunol- touched Ms. Clements personally.ogy and leader of Quest for Health Equity at Quest Diagnosticsone of the largestCovid-19 has been rough on all of us, she laboratory testing companies in the Unitedsaid. Its changed the way we live and States. function and operate.During the early days of the pandemic, she worked 18 hours a day, seven days a weekWe were tired, exhausted, to help her company develop and distributeand running on fumes. tests for Covid. We all did it because In 2020, she and other Quest employeeswe wanted to stop the spent a lot of time in videoconference callspandemic.Ruth Clementswith White House officials, senators, phy-15'