b'The Peace Park helps Brother Tommy, too. HeCorrie Spellman-Lopez, garden educatorfeels better and healthier spending time there.How many of you have ever stared at an antCorrie Spellman-and watched an ant move? he asked. HaveLopez is the you ever seen any interesting birds? Anyone evereducation director see a beehive? All of this stuff and more you willat the Philadelphia encounter when youre out farming. Orchard Project,Its actually good to be in nature, to smell thewhich plants, soil, and be around the leaves. It makes you feelpromotes, and better and makes your mind more at ease. supports orchards in the city. She was interviewed by By Healthy Roar staff William Rowen Elementary School third-grade reporters for the Inquiry Charter Healthy Owl Times. Responses have been edited and shortened.I smashed a pumpkin.What is your favorite part of working in a This was the weekendgarden?after Halloween. WeETHAN A garden is always changing. Its alive, and took most of the seedsDent-Harris I can touch and smell and taste the fruit and planted them. Itthat is growing.made me feel calm.thirdThey are sprouting, andgrade How does gardening help you heal?I cant wait for them When Im outdoors, moving my body and to grow. using my hands, its calming and relaxing. Inquiry Charter I can eat the food we are growing to stay Healthy Owl Times healthy.What kinds of food and beverages and also medicine can you grow in an orchard?We grow herbs, fruit trees, bushes, straw-berries, and raspberries. You can use an herb like peppermint to make tea that can help a stomachache. One time I got a cut 28'