b'Ms. Clements herself got sick with Covid in De- Jayatri Das, bioscientistcember 2021, and so did other members of her family. I had very light symptoms, a little bit of a sore throat and some sniffles, she said. It was very mild, despite the fact that I have several underlying health issues. It helped that she had been vaccinated and received the booster shot, she said.My nephew, who is 14 and lives with us, had it first, Ms. Clements said. He was isolated in his room, and we took care of him by giving him room service for his food, drinks, and everything else he needed. He LOVED it! His symptoms were also mild because he was vaccinated.Dr. Jayatri Das teaches people about sci-The pandemic has taught everyone, she said,ence at The Franklin Institute. The Franklin that you have to look out for each other. WhileInstitute is a well-known science museum working virtually, she has tried to stay con- and center for education and research in nected with her colleagues. If she notices thatPhiladelphia.someone is not happy, she said, I call them and have a conversation. By learning about science, we can shape the world to be more understandable, Ms. Clements said Covid has also shown theDr. Das told us. She is the institutes chief importance of looking after your healthfrombioscientist.staying connected to exercising and eating nu-tritious foods.With a better knowledge of science, peo-ple can feel more connected to the natural When it comes to healing, take it seriously, sheworld. Thats pretty empowering, she said, and dont take health for granted. said. Were not separate, but we are part By Healthy Eagle staffof it.James Logan Elementary School Dr. Das said the Covid-19 pandemic had demonstrated how science works as an ongoing process of discovery. Time and again, scientists recognized that the coro-16'