b"lessons fun. She lived near rivers in Detroit andJose Santiago, outdoor educatorPhiladelphia. She always wondered what was happeningDont underestimate below the surface of the river. I like to be nearthe importance of the water and watch it, and think about whatsbirds. The sound of underneath it, she said. their calls can ac-When she goes outdoors, Ms. Douglas said,tually improve your she always learns something new. She doesnthealth.wear headphones, preferring to listen to naturesThats according to sounds and create her own stories. Jose Santiago, who When you are out [in nature], no walk is theworks for Audubon same. It makes you think and use imagination,Mid-Atlantic, an or-she said. You can identify plants. You can visit aganization that helps protect birds and the park.environment.Its a shame to sit inside, she said. There is soBirdcalls can calm and relax you, he told much to do.us. It can reduce your anxiety and stress.By DePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal 8A staffMr. Santiagos interest in birds was sparked by the Victoria crowned pigeon. He first The DePaul Catholic Schoolsaw one while working at the Philadelphia My favorite outdoorZoo. He started to work there as a conser-vation educator in 2018 and continues now activity is to go camping,on weekends. He said he found the pigeon because it is relaxing and Iinteresting because of its unique deep coo. love to walk in the woods.AMIYRAH I have to know more about this bird, he recalled thinking. Then, it snowballed forI go camping with my dogVelez me, wanting to learn about a lot of differ-and my siblings, my mom,fifthmy dad, and grandpa andgrade ent kinds of birds.grandma. Camping makesMr. Santiago is now the center coordinator me feel relaxed and happyat The Discovery Center in Philadelphia, and calm when I'm stressedWilliam Crampwhere Audubon works with another or-by my siblings. Fit Flyer ganizationPhiladelphia Outward Bound Schoolto provide outdoor experiences and education.8"