b'navirus that causes Covid was changing, and they had to figure out how to respondfrom whether schools should stay open to what kind of mask people should wear and how many times a person should be vaccinated.As they build knowledge through the process of discovery, scientists can develop new technol-ogies such as medicines and vaccines. These tools can help to tame a disease like Covid, she said, and therefore can help us heal as a community.We are all struggling with it, she told us in January during the Omicron surge. Everybody is tired. The challenge of an infectious disease is that our safety depends on each other.For Dr. Das, healing is also about connections with others. Covid has taken a toll on people, physically and emotionally. Shes seen friends laid off from their jobs. Shes looked after sickILLUSTRATION BYrelatives. And shes tried to provide accurateMorgan Rutter, fifth gradeinformation to help friends, family, and the pub- East Norriton Bulldog Bulletinlic to understand the disease and how to stay safe. That is where she finds her happy place, Dr. To help recover from the pandemic, Dr. Das sug- Das said.gested finding a way to contribute somethingTry to find ways to ground yourself, she said.positive to your school, family, or neighborhood.Anchor yourself around others.Look for an activity that helps you relax. WhatBy Sara Chaaraoui, Teagan Farrell,is something you enjoy doing?Cameron Ferraro, Daniel Fuller, and Emma Mulligan She and her family realized during the pandemic East Norriton Bulldog Bulletinhow much they enjoyed going outdoors. They walked a lot. One of her children enjoys reading. 17'