b'Sometimes I take care of myself by watch-ing my favorite movies when I am bored, and sometimes I do exercises with my mom. My friends and I take care of each other by spending time with each other. If our par-ents say we can, we do lots of stuff together and have a sleepover, maybe watch scary movies together.ByAva Manker, fifth gradeWilliam Rowen Healthy RoarHealing is important because if youre not healed, you arent happy. Something I also learned this year was that in order to heal, you need to accept what has happened. Fo-cus on the future, and dont stress yourself too much. ILLUSTRATION BY By Evelin Vazquez, seventh gradeNalanie Figueroa, eighth grade St. Veronica Catholic School contributorCatholic Partnership Schools Healthy CourierWhen it comes to healing, we all do it differently. I want my friends and family to know that ther- The way I heal depends on what I am healing apy dogs can help people with stress and dis- from. The majority of the time, when I heal, I think abilities. I also want them to know that thereabout the positives. Sometimes if I feel sad or are different coping mechanisms for stress andangry, I bake something, most likely brownies. mental health, and there are different types ofSometimes I will talk to my parents about how I therapies out there if they need help. am feeling.By London Massey, fourth grade By Gabrielle Gaines, eighth gradeCole Manor Healthy CometDePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal45'