b'A time when I made someone feel better is whenI take care of myself by baking when I have a I cheered up my mom. I came downstairs afterstrong emotion because baking helps me calm playing a game and saw my mom looking saddown. I get to experiment with different foods, and lonely. It seemed like she had no one to talkand I get to make something different every time to because my dad was at work. I cheered herwith my parents permission. Sometimes when up by giving her a hug and telling her I love her.I bake, I like to make cupcakes and experiment My dogs also helped make my mom feel betterwith the frosting, like I might mix some frost-by running over to the couch. I felt happy be- ing together to make different colors, or I might cause my dogs and my mom were happy. make cute animal designs. By Eden Martin-Johnson, fourth grade By Novah Garcia, fourth gradeLa Salle Academy Healthy News Whitehall Healthy Reporter When I feel sad, I like to pet my dog, because When my sister and I get bored, we make a fort.he makes me feel calm. My body changes into We gather blankets and pillows. Once our fort ispeacefulness, and it feels great. When I am sad, done, we add stuff like snacks and drinks.WeI feel weak and have butterflies in my belly, and bring our phones, slime, and toys into the fort.my dog takes that away. I would recommend We have a lot of fun! others try this if they have a pet. By Dynasty Kennedy-Hankins, fourth grade BySherlyn Lopez, third grade Whitehall Healthy ReporterGotwals Healthy PressI heal by going outside for at least 15 minutes. ITo heal, you can try to help others heal. It can also have a thing that I do with my dad, wherehelp them feel like theyre worth being listened we open up to each other and talk about ourto and make them feel like they are worth the problems. I also remember to breathe.empathy. It can also make them want to helpothers. Sometimes doing a good deed for some-By Nakiyah Brookins, eighth gradeDePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal one can cause you to get better. Helping others and being there for them helps me feel better about myself. It helps me validate how I feel, if theyre feeling the same way. BySanai Scott, eighth gradeDePaul Healthy Traillazer Journal44'