b'What is healing? Restoring health, or making whole, comes in many forms. It starts with trust, with reaching out.Sandra L. Bloom, M.D. Healing often starts when someone shows they understand, she said. It means an-other person cares about whether were in Everyone gets hurtpain. Thats really important.at some point inDr. Bloom said kids often feel very deeply, life, says Dr. San- and they may think things wont get better. dra Bloom. TheBut, she said, one thing kids can count on: question is: HowLife changes. It can get better: Take it on do we heal fromfaith.that experience? If youve been hurt by unkindness, she said, For starters, youtake a breath. Its really important when need to be safe, Dr.youre angry or sad to give yourself time Bloom, a nationalto think. Do not act, because you are more expert on trauma and healing, told Healthylikely to do something you later regret.NewsWorks reporters.Sometimes it takes a long time to heal. That includes being safe in your surround- If someone experienced a hurt when ings, with the people around you, andthey were young, they may still carry the within yourself. You cant have all kinds ofwounds when they are adults, she said. trash-talking going on in your head aboutHow do you know when you have healed? yourself, she said.Healing also depends on what the problemYoure not thinking about it all the time, is. When you break an arm or scrape yourDr. Bloom said. Youre not stuck anymore. knee, your body takes over and starts toYoure thinking about other things youre heal, Dr. Bloom said. But when people hurtinterested in. Thats how you know.others with their words, it is a lot harder. By John Lambert, Jaxson Pointer,We have to respond in some way, and weand Raymond Houston dont always know what to do.Enon Healthy Warrior5'