b'My friends and I take care of each other by tex- In difficult times, when Im sad or mad, I go to my ting or calling each other every day. We also talkroom to get a piece of paper and a pen and just to each other at school. We make sure everyonedraw an animal. I like to draw anime and ani-is doing okay.mals and hang them up on my wall. Sometimes they dont want to talk about whatsAnother thing I do is play music really loud on my bothering them. We then leave it alone and justTV with my door closed so my mom cant hear hug them. We tell them if they ever need some- it. I like to listen to hip hop, R&B, and chill music one to talk to, we are here for them.Sometimes,that puts me to sleep. when a friend looks sad but we are not allowedAll these things make me feel relaxed and calm.to talk in school, I give my friend a little note and ask, Whats wrong? By Saada King, fourth grade Sometimes I will be upset about something andJames Logan Healthy Eaglemy friends will talk to me and ask me if I want to talk about it. We all just make each other wantI have been drawing a lot more, which helps to talk about our feelings. Its important to talkwhen Im stressing about school or other things. about your own feelings too.I have been painting with kits that I have just forBy Amiyrah Velez, fifth gradefun, and listening to calm music when I get veryWilliam Cramp Fit Flyer angry. I have been baking and cooking, so that when I get sad or anything, I can just cook it off.By Haylee Merrick, fifth grade Playing video games helps me to calm down. I get to be home, snacking. It just makes me feelWilliam Rowen Healthy Roargood to play. I helps me chill, calm down, and take out some frustration. Things Ive learned are setting boundaries, andBy Andre Brown, fourth gradenot leaving much room for misunderstandings.James Logan Healthy Eagle Be up front. Control the situations that you can control, and dont leave the bad possibilities up to chance. Sometimes all you need to heal is time. Some problems need more than one per-sontwo heads are better than one.By Neven Hollis, eighth grade DePaul Healthy Trailblazer Journal46'