b'A year of trying extra hard Educators helped kids readjust to in-person school, held their own emotions in check, and listened. They persevered.Dan Fitzsimmons, fifth-grade teacher self, too. He tries not to let his feelings get the better of him. He works at doing what will keep him healthy. He cooks break-William Crampfast, he meditates, he listens to musicall teacher Dan Fitz- different kinds, depending on his mood. He simmons says heexercises at 5 a.m. I started boxing, which tries to help hisis incredibly stress-relieving. You can punch fifth-grade stu- a punching bag and let all of your energy dents by beingout.patient and a goodMr. Fitzsimmons thinks that kids who feel listener. Its not al- troubled should find someone they can talk ways easy, he said,to, an adult or a friend. A lot of you like because Im notto keep all of that bottled up, he said, but actually a patientit will eventually all come out. He noted: person. Weve all been there.But he said he had tried extra-hard thisHe also recommends that kids find some-year because of all the challenges the pan- thing that you like to do that helps you re-demic has created, such as lost school timelax and put your energy into that. Some like and disrupted friendships. to listen to music or do artwhen youre I feel that students dont get listened tohaving a difficult time, do that! Writing, art, enough, he told us. How many times havegardening, sports, music, paintingfind I sat down with some of you and tried tosomething thats going to help you.work out a problem youre having?Ev-By Fit Flyer staff erything that youre going through is goingWilliam Cramp Elementary Schoolto affect what happens in the classroom.Mr. Fitzsimmons has had to look after him-37'