b'Perspective My feelings on healing Four actions describeon subjects including nature, friendship, art ther-healing for me: apy, and mindfulness meditation, which can all play a role in healing.To dreamTo believe I asked my son, a junior in high school, his To lead thoughts on healing. For him, as for many of our To serveHealthy NewsWorks kids, going back to school was healing. Seeing and being with his friends, Healthy NewsWorkslistening to music, and playing sports were heal-means so much to me.ing. I thought about that and more as I followed I see the excitement,our student reporters through their discoveries Photo by Kate Riccardibeauty, growth, and Photograpy this year. They interviewed therapists, counsel-confidence in our kids.ors, health experts, doctors, nurses, and others. Our team of extraordinary teachers helps ourThey had amazing conversations, asked pointed young reporters to dream big, believe in them- questions, and learned and wrote about how to selves, be leaders, and serve their communities.deal with healing. Our work this year is in part a reflection of theIt touches my heart to see their resilience, their past two years. The pandemic brought aboutconfidence, their growth. Our teachers give them anxiety, fear, and uncertainty for many. Wecourage to dream and know they can be what-felt it was important that our reporters exploreever they desire. They give the students inspi-healing as a topic to help their peers, families,ration to lead, to believe in themselves, and to and school communities move forward. It alsoserve in their communities. Thats their healing, reminded us that healing is part of living. We alland its healing for me. deal with disappointment, loss, and challenges.Every school should have Healthy NewsWorks!Our student journalists produce health news-papers and digital media for their schools andDiane Davis communities, and the process deepens healthCommunity Outreach Managerknowledge for themselves and others. This year,Healthy NewsWorks they created with care and confidence articles 2'