b'Caring for othersEmpathy is being able to feel what other people feel, says one expert.You can also show empathy by being pres-George James, therapist ent for a friend who is experiencing joy or pain.As a child, Dr.If your friend is winning, be happy for George James sawthem, he said. When your friend is having what it means toa tough time, ask them how you can sup-show empathy. port them. . Maybe do something that you He watched howknow that they would like.his parents wereEmpathy can help change the way peo-kind to other peo- ple feel about themselves, according to ple they knew.Dr. James. If you are supporting someone, They made time forthey may see they are not alone. It can help them, listened tothem heal because they realize they are not them, and encouraged them. the only person dealing with a problem.Empathy is being able to feel what oth- Empathy is just being able to say, Hey, er people feel, said Dr. James, who is theI want to be there for you, with you, cele-senior staff therapist and chief innovationbrate with you, Dr. James said. Whether officer at the Council for Relationships,its a grade, whether its a game, whether based in the Philadelphia area. its something at home, being able to show As an example, he said, if a classmatethat care can make a difference.doesnt show up in school for a few days,Empathy is also important in friendship. you could contact them to see if they areYour friend is somebody that you know is all right. You might learn something elsejust always going to be with you, he said.is going on with them. Thats one way ofIts also important, Dr. James said, to be showing empathy, that I care about howa good friend to yourself: Show yourself you feel, he said. compassion.11'