Craving French fries

| By Jordan, 4th grade| February 2021 … After the pandemic I would like to go to Dave & Buster’s.  I am craving Dave & Buster’s French fries and chicken strips!  We used to play the race car games as we waited for our food.  I remember trying to get as many tickets as possible to redeem […] Read More


Dreaming of Art Museum

| By Jazmine, 4th grade| February 2021 … The first thing I would like to do after the pandemic is to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I have never been there, but I have friends that have been there. They showed me pictures of it and it looks so nice. My dad also is involved in the Art […] Read More


Thank goodness for TikTok

| By Kenneth, fifth grade | January 2021 … My life today is boring. I miss going outside and playing with my friends. A year ago we could do that without wearing gloves or an uncomfortable mask or a piece of plastic covering my face. I understand they keep us safe. I don’t complain so often.   Something I […] Read More


Not everything has changed

| By Bahiya, 8th grade | December 2020 … My life from a year ago versus my life today is different in many ways. Last year I was actually attending school with my fellow classmates, and this year I have to interact with them virtually. The global pandemic caused everyone to stop going to school […] Read More


Looking forward to 2021

| By Makayla, 5th grade| December 2020 … When the pandemic started, I thought we were going out of school for a few weeks, until it became almost a whole year. All of us are stuck in quarantine doing online school and it’s getting worse. [Looking at a screen all the time] is giving us […] Read More


Life is so different now

| By Mya, 8th grade | January 2021 … My life is different from a year ago. The pandemic has a big impact on my life because I no longer go to school and I’m stuck at home all day. Normally on a weekend, my family and I would go out for a walk, but now we […] Read More


Adapting to the changes

| By Makyla, 5th grade | December 2020 … To have to stay home with your family is a lot to take in. You also have to do things differently. My life has changed a lot this year. School has been hard. We are doing school at home now, and I don’t like doing school at home […] Read More


Not that bad, but not perfect

| By Alphonso, 5th grade | December 2020 … This year has been challenging. School has gotten harder because of online school. I think a lot has gotten harder because it’s harder for teachers to show what we have to do.    For me, 2020 has not been that bad because I can just talk to my friends […] Read More


Tips about wearing a mask

| By Michaila, 7th grade | July 2020 … I am learning so much about how to stay safe during these times. I am part of Healthy NewsWorks’ digital camp and we recently interviewed Rhona Cooper. She’s a nurse and public health preparedness clinical coordinator for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. She mentioned several […] Read More


The sad summer

| Sara, 7th grade | June 2020 … This year summer has been very different. I usually can see my friends more, go to parties, and interact with people. But, now I can barely do that. And when I do I have to social distance. This isn’t like any summer we have ever had. The […] Read More