Tips about wearing a mask

| By Michaila, 7th grade | July 2020 … I am learning so much about how to stay safe during these times. I am part of Healthy NewsWorks’ digital camp and we recently interviewed Rhona Cooper. She’s a nurse and public health preparedness clinical coordinator for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. She mentioned several […] Read More


The sad summer

| Sara, 7th grade | June 2020 … This year summer has been very different. I usually can see my friends more, go to parties, and interact with people. But, now I can barely do that. And when I do I have to social distance. This isn’t like any summer we have ever had. The […] Read More


Summer is off to a good start

| Bryana, 4th grade | June 2020 … Although we are in a pandemic, my summer has been good so far. I have been going to my pool and also doing a lot of crafts. I have been with my family a lot. —Bryana is a reporter with the St. Veronica Healthy Hero in Philadelphia […] Read More


Developing a daily routine

| By Laiya, 3rd grade | May 2020 … I am doing my work every day. My routine is to brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, and go to my Mom-Mom’s and Pop-Pop’s house. I wake up at 7:00 because my Mom has to work. I do not wear my pajamas all day […] Read More


Using Zoom to connect with others

| By Brookelyn, 4th grade | May 2020 … I miss being in school because I miss being able to see my friends, talk to them, and play with them at recess. I asked my teacher if we could have a Zoom meeting with the class so that I could see all of my classmates […] Read More


Staying busy during shutdown

| By Rosalyn, 4th grade | May 2020 … For the past few days I have been eating carrots with ranch dressing, oranges, and apples. I share it with my brother. I also have been helping my mom make biscuits. I hope I can bake again soon. When I am baking, I like being messy and […] Read More


Celebrating during the pandemic

| By Amaya, 3rd grade | May 2020 … I am quarantined with my mom, dad, and 3-year-old brother. My parents are essential workers because they run a store with limited hours. Every day is different. Four days out of the week my brother and I spend nine hours a day in the back of […] Read More


Spreading kindness at home

| By Marco, 3rd grade | April 2020 … Due to COVID-19, we are in our homes for a long time. At home, I help my mom watch my baby sister because my mom is doing school work. It can be hard because my baby sister can get out of my sight very fast. I am […] Read More


Help kids experiencing homelessness

| By Jayni, 3rd grade | April 2020 … Hey kids, do you want to spread cheer and make a difference while you’re indoors during COVID-19? I recently interviewed with Dr. Karen Hudson who is the program leader of the Homeless Health Initiative at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We talked about different ways to show […] Read More


Missing school

| By Bryana, 3rd grade | April 2020 … What I miss from school are my class and my teacher. I miss my teacher’s face and I miss my class’s laughs. When I was sad, everyone made my day and made me smile. I also miss Ms. Mia who helps us with our newspaper . […] Read More