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Marinna lives on a ranch in Nevada, where she’s homeschooled and takes care of 45 horses and about 2,000 beef cattle. Her life couldn’t be more different than those of our third grade reporters at Gotwals Elementary School who interviewed Marinna last spring. They asked Marinna about her daily life, hobbies, and how she handles stress.

Making a Difference

Dr. Frederic Bertley, a 2016 Healthy NewsWorks health leader, wants you to know that there’s a scientist who looks like you. He started a program called The Color of Science, which focuses on the work of people of color and women in science. He wanted to show people that “scientists aren’t all old white men with thick glasses and pocket protectors.”

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Mishi, 8th grade

Did You Know?

Why do kids have more bones than adults?

A newborn baby has 300 bones, but a full-grown adult only has 206. Where do all those extra bones go? As we grow, multiple bones fuse together, a process that’s complete by the time we’re 25. Source: KidsHealth from Nemours 

Why do I need to eat vegetables?  

Veggies may not be your favorite, but they’re super important. They’re full of important nutrients such as potassium, fiber, and vitamins A and C, all of which you need to be healthy. Most are low in fat and calories, so don’t worry about moderation! Source: USDA 

Why is sleep so important? 

Sleep isn’t just restful. When we sleep, our brains process what we learn during the day, and help us remember it. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’ll have trouble recalling what you learned in school the day before! Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine

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Evangel, 8th grade

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Kayla, 10th grade

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Maribel, 8th grade

  • Maribel, eighth grade, AMY Northwest Healthy Bulldog

Making a Difference

Dr. Raina Merchant wants you to spend time on your smartphone. She spoke to the staff of the Healthy Eagle about her research on the use of technology to collect information about how people take care of their bodies.

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