This website does not collect any personally identifying information for the purposes of unsolicited marketing or sale to any third parties.  This website will only collect information in the following cases:

1. Our “Contact Us” form gives you the opportunity to include your name, organization name and title, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number. This information is forwarded to a Healthy NewsWorks staff member’s e-mail address, but will not ever be used by Healthy NewsWorks for any purpose other than creating a Healthy NewsWorks e-mail list (if you choose to add yourself to the mailing list), tracking who the comments and contact information came from, and when they were submitted. If applicable, your contact information, including your e-mail address, also may be used to send a response back to you.

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3. Questions and polls, accessible from our website’s homepage, allow you to submit an answer. Our website will not capture any personal information if you submit an answer. Our website would automatically receive and collect your computer’s IP address.

4. Teachers and other staff who administer the HealthyNewsWorks program at their school may create an account through our website which will allow the account holder to access member-only information such as story starters and other resources.  If you create an account, you will be required to enter in your first and last name, your school, and your e-mail address.

If you believe that you have received unsolicited e-mail from this site or that your privacy has been otherwise compromised as a result of this site, please contact us right away.