Healthy NewsWorks has created this page to help kids, teachers, and families better understand the new coronavirus and its impact. We will be adding material and updating sources on a regular basis.

Kid Focus

Developing a daily routine

| By Laiya, 3d grade | May 2020 … I am doing my work every day. My routine is to brush my teeth, wash my face, get dressed, and go to my Mom-Mom’s and Pop-Pop’s house. I wake up at 7:00 because my Mom has to work. I do not wear my pajamas all day […]

Using Zoom to connect with others

| By Brookelyn, 4th grade | May 2020 … I miss being in school because I miss being able to see my friends, talk to them, and play with them at recess. I asked my teacher if we could have a Zoom meeting with the class so that I could see all of my classmates […]

Staying busy during shutdown

| By Rosalyn, 4th grade | May 2020 … For the past few days I have been eating carrots with ranch dressing, oranges, and apples. I share it with my brother. I also have been helping my mom make biscuits. I hope I can bake again soon. When I am baking, I like being messy and […]

Celebrating during the pandemic

| By Amaya, 3rd grade | May 2020 … I am quarantined with my mom, dad, and 3-year-old brother. My parents are essential workers because they run a store with limited hours. Every day is different. Four days out of the week my brother and I spend nine hours a day in the back of […]

Featured Kids Work

Sending a message of hope

| By St. Veronica Healthy Hero staff | May 2020 … St. Veronica Healthy Hero third-grade reporters have created rainbows for children in Philadelphia homeless shelters as a sign of love, joy, and hope during the coronavirus shutdown. The reporters began to make their rainbows after watching a video interview on with Dr. Karen […]

Rebuilding after the virus

| By Tyler, 8th grade | May 2020 …recently interviewed Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey who is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and former chief executive officer of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She said that our lives cannot return to normal until an effective vaccine or treatment is created. I completely agree with her. […]

What it’s like to report on the pandemic

| By Trevor, 5th grade | April 2020 … Pam Belluck is a health and science writer for The New York Times. She was part of a New York Times team awarded a 2015 Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Ebola epidemic. Ebola is a virus that in 2014-15 infected more than 28,000 people and […]

How to deal with anxiety

| By Alexandra, 7th grade | April 2020 … The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for many people to cope with the anxiety and stress that come with it and with the social isolation designed to control spread of the virus. To find ways to deal with that anxiety, my East Norriton Bulldog Bulletin […]

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Lessons you can use

Reporting Assignments

Get kids writing essays, creating illustrations, and doing more activities that can be contributed to the Making Sense of the Virus web page.

Spanish Flu: Learning from the past

Help students discover the history of the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 and share what they learn in writing or illustrations.

Yellow Fever: Learning from the past

Help students discover the history of the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793 and share what they learn in writing or illustrations.

Grades K-2

Susie’s Song “The Journey of the Germ” Sid the Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company

Country song explaining how germs travel from person to person.

Sesame Street in Communities: Staying Healthy

Videos and activities explaining steps to staying healthy, handwashing videos and activities, and what to do when you are sick. Also provides a video about scary things entitled “Big Bird’s Nest.”

“Germs, Germs, Go Away” Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood

PBS Learning Media video teaching children to stay healthy by washing their hands.

Grades 3-5

Biology for kids: Viruses

General overview of what a virus is. Includes a quiz.

Vaccine facts for kids

Interesting facts about vaccines.

A health website for children, teens, parents, and teachers, created by Nemours Children’s Health System. Articles for children include “What are Germs”, “Why do I need to Wash My Hands”, “Flu”, “What’s a Fever”, and “Your Immune System”

The Ultimate Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus

Illustrated guide explaining what is a virus and what is the coronavirus. Discusses symptoms and what your role is in prevention.

Corona comic for kids

Based on a National Public Radio story where the reporter asked experts what children might want to know about the coronavirus. Read online or print a zine version of the comic providing an overview of coronavirus.

News for Kids: Coronavirus

Current news stories about COVID-19 written for children. Routinely updated.

Grades 6+

History of Vaccines website

College of Physicians of Philadelphia Spanish Influenza 1918 exhibit