Healthy NewsWorks has created this page to help kids, teachers, and families better understand the new coronavirus and its impact. We will be adding material and updating sources on a regular basis.

Kid Focus

Missing school

April 2020 … What I miss from school are my class and my teacher. I miss my teacher’s face and I miss my class’s laughs. When I was sad, everyone made my day and made me smile. I also miss Ms. Mia who helps us with our newspaper . I love reporting and interviewing. It […]

5th grader talks about the shutdown

March 2020…The coronavirus has affected my friends and me. Norristown schools, like many across the world, closed to prevent spread of the virus. Now, in addition to not going to school, I can’t go with friends to eat or to play sports. Also, I probably won’t have my birthday party like normal. I think the […]

How it feels to interview an expert

March 2020 … Ava is an 8-year-old health reporter at Whitehall Elementary School. Her newspaper team talked with a Drexel University public health professor about the coronavirus on March 24. “At first I was really shy and I was not sure what to do,” she wrote about the interview with Dr. James Buehler, a professor of […]

Q&A about the virus

March 2020 … Eight Whitehall Healthy Reporter third graders conducted their second interview by video this school year on Tuesday, March 24. For 45 minutes, the Norristown students posed nearly two dozen questions about the coronavirus to Dr. James Buehler, professor of health management and policy at the Dornsife School of Public Health at Drexel University. Dr. […]

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Grades K-2

Susie’s Song “The Journey of the Germ” Sid the Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company

Country song explaining how germs travel from person to person.

Sesame Street in Communities: Staying Healthy

Videos and activities explaining steps to staying healthy, handwashing videos and activities, and what to do when you are sick. Also provides a video about scary things entitled “Big Bird’s Nest.”

“Germs, Germs, Go Away” Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood

PBS Learning Media video teaching children to stay healthy by washing their hands.

Grades 3-5

Biology for kids: Viruses

General overview of what a virus is. Includes a quiz.

Vaccine facts for kids

Interesting facts about vaccines.

A health website for children, teens, parents, and teachers, created by Nemours Children’s Health System. Articles for children include “What are Germs”, “Why do I need to Wash My Hands”, “Flu”, “What’s a Fever”, and “Your Immune System”

The Ultimate Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus

Illustrated guide explaining what is a virus and what is the coronavirus. Discusses symptoms and what your role is in prevention.

Corona comic for kids

Based on a National Public Radio story where the reporter asked experts what children might want to know about the coronavirus. Read online or print a zine version of the comic providing an overview of coronavirus.

News for Kids: Coronavirus

Current news stories about COVID-19 written for children. Routinely updated.

Grades 6+

History of Vaccines website

College of Physicians of Philadelphia Spanish Influenza 1918 exhibit