Healthy NewsWorks deeply appreciates the contributions of everyone who has supported our book project and our program during the 2020–21 school year.  

Book and Program Supporters

Thank you to the following companies and individuals for their contributions in support of Leading Healthy Change in Our Communities 2021: Doing the Undoable in a Pandemic. (As of May 11, 2021) 

Thank you to Phillies Charities, Inc., for its generous donation in support of the 2021 book.  


Community Healthcare Champion


Amy Ginensky and Andrew Rogoff *

Lisa Kabnick and John McFadden* 

Tom Uhlman* 


Nancy Petersmeyer* 

Laurie Hack and Jack Hershey* 

* Designates Benjamin Rush Society members who have made significant commitments to Healthy NewsWorks during the 2021–21 school year.  


Jim & Kay Gately Charitable Fund of Vanguard Charitable 

The Green Street Fund 

Nina M. Gussack 

Moriah and David Hall 

Ruth Katz 

Elizabeth B. Rappaport, M.D., and Daniel Fife, M.D. 



BTC Envelopes & Printing LLCPresident Andrew D. Magnus 

Luther T. Clark, M.D. 

Crowley Family Foundation of Fidelity Charitable 

The Gamble Family Foundation 

Elizabeth H. Gemmill 

Katherine Hatton and Richard Bilotti Fund of Princeton Area Community Foundation 

Omar D. Joseph 

King of Prussia Rotary Club 

Betsey and Mike Useem 

Anonymous (1)  


Eve Bogle 

Drs. James Buehler and Lydia Ogden 

Joel Catindig 

Children’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaCommunity Partner 

Comcast Corporation 

Rebecca Craik 

Chuck and Courtney Ercole 

Andrea Knox and Jonathan Hodgson 

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services 

Jane Isaacs Lowe 

Sharon Manker 

National Association of Asian American Professionals Philadelphia Chapter 

Robert and Karen Sharrar 

Lisa Tracy 

Elizabeth and Tony Vale 

The Willing & O’Donnell Charitable Giving Fund of the T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving 

Anne Jeffrey Wright 


Anderson Gutierrez Family Gift Fund of The T. Rowe Price Program For Charitable Giving

Linda Austin

Steven Scott Bradley and Linda Bradley

Barry Bryant and Genevieve Lambert

Debra Coglianese, DPT, OCS, ATC

Jack and Bettyann Creighton

Taunya English

Talia and Michael Fisher

The Fitzpatrick-Fischer Family

John and Christiane Fried

The Gross Kurtz Family Philanthropic Fund of the American Endowment Foundation

Alice Hausman and Jesse Berlin

Victoria Kinzig and Chris Palmer

Kenny Johnson

La Salle Academy of Philadelphia

Charisse R. Lillie

Dr. Mark and Kathryn Miani

Cary and Ned Rice

Hollace and John Rutkowski

Beth Schachter

Robert and Karen Sharrar

Jane Perry Shoemaker

H. George and Sandy Shoffner

Susan W. Spencer

Lisa Spiegel

Betsy and Lawrence Stern Charitable Trust of Fidelity Charitable

Deborah Stern

Jeremy Tennenbaum

Linda Wallace


Rebecca Bien and David Poll

Dotty and Larry Brown

Ron and Diane Davis

Donald and Arecka Foote

Gene Foreman

Paula Fuchsberg

The Homer Group and Navitas Marketing

Debi and Ron Hoxter

Mary Lowe Kennedy

Caryn and Jim Kinzig

Charlie and Linda Kinzig 

Emmet Linn and Dawn Ang

Dr. Ruth S. Rosenberg

Drs. Patty and Joe Rubertone

Jim and Cathy Schunder

Susan Warner


In memory of Robert Blackwell
The Snow Family

In memory of Chemaine and Scott Johnson
Diane Johnson Davis

In memory of Shanna Joseph
Joseph Naphtali

In memory of Dr. Vernell Lillie
Charisse R. Lillie

In memory of Jack Phillips
Gene Foreman

In memory of V. Douglas Robinson
Lisa Tracy

In memory of Oliver Woods
Rebecca Craik


In honor of Mia Blitstein
Yona Diamond Dansky

In honor of Taj Davis
Ron Davis

In honor of Amy Ginensky
Rob and Laurie Gunther
Ruth Katz
Thomas Lee and Mary McTernan

In honor of Laurie Hack
Eve Bogle

In honor of Healthy NewsWorks students

In appreciation of Victoria Kinzig
Charlie and Linda Kinzig

In honor of Andrew D. Magnus
Shelby Simmons and Richard Natow

In honor of Payton and Avery Pettit
Payton Press LLC

In honor of Elizabeth Rappaport
Carole W. Soskis

In honor of Deborah Stern
Betsy and Lawrence Stern

In honor of Marian Uhlman
Katherine Hatton and Richard Bilotti

In honor of Isabelle Tennenbaum
Jeremy Tennenbaum 

In honor of Barry Wilen
Laurie Hack 


Marc and Jill Altshuler

Dana Axelrod

Joanne Bauman

Joshua Bousquet

Rickie and David Brawer

Andrea S. Brown

Judith and David Buten

Marjorie Caddy

The Chaaraoui Family

David Cochran, D.M.D., and Susan Fitzgerald

Tom and Paula Cosgrove

Mary Ann Crowe

Ryan Daniels

Ann and Michael D’Antonio

George Day and Alice Donavin

Gail Denber

The DePaul Catholic School

Rhonda Dickey

Lawana Dumas

Josh and Rachel Dunaief

Beth Duncombe and Jeff Butler

Judith Gay

Casey Gilbert

Susan and Marvin Greenbaum

Donald Groff and Kriste Lindenmeyer

Carol Guensburg and Craig Gilbert

Rob and Laurie Gunther

Mrinalini Gupta

Trude Haecker and Robert Day

John Haines

Mary Beth Hegeman

Mary D. Hewes

Jeremy Heymsfeld

Demer Holleran

Karen Hudson

Scott and Jennifer Isdaner

Sky and Deris Jeannette

Naina Kamath

Paul and Jeannine Kelly

Alex Kinzig

Chloe Kinzig

Jennifer Lin and Bill Stieg

Dr. Tom and Amy Lubensky

Rose Martin, RSM

Andrea Masciantonio

Diana and Sam Mason

Anne McGoldrick

Dohn, Lynne, and Dean Millard

Sara S. Moran

Nicole Odeh

Maggie O’Neil

Jeff and Ginny Palmer

Sara Palmer

Barry and Mary Pritchard

Nancy Reynolds

Cary and Ned Rice

Lynda and Edward Rogoff

Laura Cohen Romano

Ilene Rothblat

Ariana Salter

Dr. Janet Samuels

Cheryl and Neil Shusterman

Barbara Spurio

Stephen and Juliett Steenkamer

Stewart Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable

Karen Strauss

Lee and Nancy Tabas

Dr. Walter Tsou

Steven and Mary Lou Van Eman

Jane Von Bergen

Jean Wallace and Neil Goldstein

Lisa and Brian Walsh

Norman Weinstein

Francie Wheeler

Ellen and Steven Wolf

Anonymous (6)


American Water


Johnson & Johnson


The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Philadelphia Foundation

Quest Diagnostics 



The Alfred and Mary Douty Foundation

The Allen Hilles Fund

Alpin J. and Alpin W. Cameron Memorial Foundation

The Christopher Ludwick Foundation

Claneil Foundation

Hamilton Family Charitable Trust

Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial

Independence Public Media Foundation


The Nelson Foundation

The Nessa Forman, David Forman, Eleanor and Solomon Forman Family Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation

RWJ Foundation President’s Grant Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

Rostair Foundation