Our 2021-22 curriculum is focused on healing

August 2021 … Because of everything our young reporters and their communities have experienced these past 18 months, from the pandemic to social unrest, we have chosen How We Heal: Moving Ahead in Challenging Times as our 2021-22 curriculum theme. 

Topics will include empathy, gardening, therapy, mindfulness meditation, and green prescriptions (how spending time in nature can be healing), among others. Our core newspaper reporters, ages 8 to 14, will conduct research, interview experts, and write news articles and opinion pieces for their school health newspapers, our 2022 book, and—in an expansion of our program—on our new web platform, By Kids For Kids.  

In addition, many of our youngest reporters, ages 5 to 8, will also have an opportunity to explore topics focused on social-emotional well-being.  We look forward to working with our student journalists this year and equipping them and their readers with information about what can help people heal. 

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