What it means to be a reporter

October 2018 … What’s it like for a fifth grader to become a reporter? Here’s how some of the student newspaper staff at William Cramp Elementary School see it:

“It feels good to be a reporter. It’s fun. We get to do a lot of stuff like to interview teachers about what they did as kids. Other reporters come in to tell us what it is like to report. It is the best class ever.”

“At first I was nervous and scared. But once you start talking, it feels great. … I think that being a reporter is fun, scary, nervous, cool, and great. I definitely will keep this job in mind. Why? Because being a reporter is cool.”

“I feel as if you are helping the world and doing something that inspires people. Learning is going on at the same time.”

The student reporters are working on the first edition of the William Cramp Fit Flyer for the 2018-19 school year. The newspaper is now in its fifth year of publishing fact-based reporting on health-related topics and events.

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