Stay focused

Illustration by Shrey, 2nd grade

By Alana, 5th grade | June 2021 … What I learned during the school year is that you should mainly focus on your work and pay attention to school and not the things around you.  

You should also turn in your work on time. That way you won’t have to do it later. You should not “forget” that you still have time on the weekends to do your work if the teacher lets you. Do not turn in blank work.  

The friends that I have made this year were good friends this whole school year. Even though we did not see each other in person, we still tried to communicate in school and through calls and texts. Advice I have for the kids who are coming into fifth grade is to be ready. Try not to make so many mistakes. If you do, then make sure to at least tell the teacher. 

— Alana is a reporter for the William Rowen Healthy Roar