Check out your tooth smarts!


Illustration by Kelvin, St. Veronica Healthy Hero.

December 2015… Healthy NewsWorks reporters enjoy creating games for their school health newspapers. A popular game is a word scramble focused on special topics they write about.

Below are five scrambled words with clues related to this year’s topic of dental health. Reporters at the Gotwals Healthy Press and the St. Veronica Healthy Hero have published these words and others in their Fall 2015 editions.

How quickly can you unscramble the words? When you are done, invite a young person to try.

1. S C T E V I I A
(Something bad that can happen to your teeth.)
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2. G F O S I N S L
(A way to clean between your teeth.)
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3. D E R I F U L O
(A mineral that strengthens your teeth.)
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4. M N A E L E
(Outside layer of a tooth.)
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5. N I C E F N I O T
(When germs cause a problem.)
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