Grades K-2

Susie’s Song “The Journey of the Germ” Sid the Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company

Country song explaining how germs travel from person to person.

Sesame Street in Communities: Staying Healthy

Videos and activities explaining steps to staying healthy, handwashing videos and activities, and what to do when you are sick. Also provides a video about scary things entitled “Big Bird’s Nest.”

“Germs, Germs, Go Away” Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood

PBS Learning Media video teaching children to stay healthy by washing their hands.

A short story on how to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic

Easy read with colorful illustrations designed for young children. Includes printable activity pages for the kids.

A short story featuring the current Covid-19 pandemic

Designed for young children to read. Easy read with colorful illustrations.

Grades 3-5

Biology for kids: Viruses

General overview of what a virus is. Includes a quiz.

Vaccine facts for kids

Interesting facts about vaccines.

A health website for children, teens, parents, and teachers, created by Nemours Children’s Health System. Articles for children include “What are Germs”, “Why do I need to Wash My Hands”, “Flu”, “What’s a Fever”, and “Your Immune System”

The Ultimate Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus

Illustrated guide explaining what is a virus and what is the coronavirus. Discusses symptoms and what your role is in prevention.

Corona comic for kids

Based on a National Public Radio story where the reporter asked experts what children might want to know about the coronavirus. Read online or print a zine version of the comic providing an overview of coronavirus.

News for Kids: Coronavirus

Current news stories about COVID-19 written for children. Routinely updated.

Grades 6+

History of Vaccines website

College of Physicians of Philadelphia Spanish Influenza 1918 exhibit

An overview of what viruses are

Video describing the coronavirus and how it attacks human lungs produced by KQED in California, which produces public media.


Coronavirus—Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Coronavirus—Pennsylvania Department of Health

Website of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Dedicated to providing parents a variety of information regarding all aspects of children’s health

Website of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Provides a variety of information regarding all aspects of nutrition and diet

Parent Teacher Association Covid-19 Resources

A bridge between parents and teachers, this website provides a ton of PTA (parent teacher association) covid-19 resources to help ensure children are safe and healthy during this pandemic.