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Kid Focus

Face-to-face with school

By Kayla, 10th grade | September 2021 … I am in 10th grade and this month is the first time I actually have been in my high school. Working in school physically has had its pros and cons. One of the pros in physically attending school is that you can see, face to face, your peers as well as […]

What makes a friend

By Ava, 4th grade | August 2021 … A good friend is someone who is always there for you, in good times and bad times.   A friend is someone who is always going to stand up for you when someone is bullying you. Also, a friend is someone who can look up to you when they’re going through […]

Gaining digital skills

By Kayla, 10th grade | August 2021 … I used to be camera-shy and afraid to speak through an electrical device. Being in Healthy NewsWorks allowed me to step out of my shell and my comfort zone. I got to do several interviews and meetings. This was great, because I got to do those things […]

High hopes for the fall

By Mishi, 7th grade | August 2021 … I’m really excited for this next school year. I was virtual for 7th grade, so I never got to go to middle school. I really hope everyone is vaccinated, because if COVID cases spike then we might go virtual again. I also hope we won’t have to […]

Featured Kids Work

Getting a kick out of Taekwondo

By Mishi, 8th grade | September 2021 … Class starts with our teacher saying “Annyeonghasibnikka.” My brother and I greet her and bow. We start warming up and stretching. After our warm up, we start with some endurance training. Twenty minutes in, my legs are burning and I’m running out of breath. Finally, we bow […]

How music can help you manage stress

By Whitehall Healthy Reporter staff | September 2021 … During times of stress, music can provide healing powers by reducing stress and anxiety, according to health experts.  Whitehall reporters recently had the opportunity to interview Miss Sophie Fortunato, a professional violinist who shared how music and the arts have helped her manage her own stress.   During […]

What Merck’s CEO said was the hardest part of doing business during the pandemic

By Nashiya, Joshua, and Desmond, 8th grade | August 2021 … Kenneth Frazier grew up in North Philadelphia and was raised by his father. His mother died when he was 9 years old.  His father told him that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you. It matters what you think of yourself.  His father […]

Seeking to understand vaccine hesitancy

By Adanya, Rahman, and Enirah | August 2021 … Vaccines against COVID-19 are now widely available to people age 12 and older. As part of our internship in the Public Health Pipeline Plus (PHPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania, we have been exploring the COVID-19 vaccine and the various opinions people hold about the […]

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Lessons you can use

Reporting Assignments

Get kids writing essays, creating illustrations, and doing more activities that can be contributed to the Making Sense of the Virus web page.

Spanish Flu: Learning from the past

Help students discover the history of the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 and share what they learn in writing or illustrations.

Yellow Fever: Learning from the past

Help students discover the history of the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793 and share what they learn in writing or illustrations.

Grades K-2

Susie’s Song “The Journey of the Germ” Sid the Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company

Country song explaining how germs travel from person to person.

Sesame Street in Communities: Staying Healthy

Videos and activities explaining steps to staying healthy, handwashing videos and activities, and what to do when you are sick. Also provides a video about scary things entitled “Big Bird’s Nest.”

“Germs, Germs, Go Away” Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood

PBS Learning Media video teaching children to stay healthy by washing their hands.

Grades 3-5

Biology for kids: Viruses

General overview of what a virus is. Includes a quiz.

Vaccine facts for kids

Interesting facts about vaccines.

A health website for children, teens, parents, and teachers, created by Nemours Children’s Health System. Articles for children include “What are Germs”, “Why do I need to Wash My Hands”, “Flu”, “What’s a Fever”, and “Your Immune System”

The Ultimate Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus

Illustrated guide explaining what is a virus and what is the coronavirus. Discusses symptoms and what your role is in prevention.

Corona comic for kids

Based on a National Public Radio story where the reporter asked experts what children might want to know about the coronavirus. Read online or print a zine version of the comic providing an overview of coronavirus.

News for Kids: Coronavirus

Current news stories about COVID-19 written for children. Routinely updated.

Grades 6+

History of Vaccines website

College of Physicians of Philadelphia Spanish Influenza 1918 exhibit