One year in, looking at what the pandemic has changed

| By Maribel, 8th grade |  March 2021 … This pandemic has changed and affected our lives differently. Some may have found new hobbies, like learning to cook. For others, their whole mindset has changed.   It has definitely taken a toll on me, as a student and in my personal life. One day during the pandemic […] Read More


Snow days aren’t the same now

| By Alexandra, 8th grade | February 2021 …Yesterday, I went out in the snow, as most do after or during snowstorms. While snow will always bring excitement, I have to say that it’s just not the same during the pandemic. We have shifted our lives to the safety of our homes, and really, if […] Read More


Handwashing is our best defense against germs

| By Healthy Hero staff |  February 2021 … Dr. Jim Alsop recently spoke with the St. Veronica Healthy Hero staff to answer reporters’ questions about germs. He works at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children as a pediatric resident, which means he is training to be a specialist in treating children.  Dr. Alsop began by saying that it is […] Read More


Silver linings to virtual learning

| By Maribel, 8th grade | November 2020…Hey, sixth graders! Welcome to Amy Northwest Middle School. I hope you are enjoying your first couple of months as a sixth grader, virtually. This year is a lot different from what students originally thought it would be. It has affected AMY teachers, eighth graders, seventh graders, and, […] Read More


Staying mentally healthy during COVID-19

| By Te-ojah, 12th grade | August 2020… “In times like COVID-19, children face uncertainty, sudden change, and stress,” said Dr. Kathleen Napalinga, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Einstein Healthcare Network, in a recent interview. “Their mental health can decline and take the forms of anxiety, depression, and sudden changes in behavior.” Dr. Napalinga […] Read More


Food needs are greater now

| By Alexandra, 7th grade | June 2020 … Martha’s Choice Marketplace in Norristown is more than a pantry giving food in boxes to people in need—it’s a whole grocery store with aisles where people can choose what they need, based on their family’s needs. Now, because of the coronavirus, Martha’s Choice has started a […] Read More


Waiting for a vaccine

| By Alana, 7th grade | June 2020 … Dr. Elizabeth Rappaport met this spring with East Norriton Middle School reporters through a Zoom teleconference to discuss vaccines for COVID-19. A vaccine can protect a person from getting an infectious disease. There currently is no vaccine against COVID-19 since it is a new virus. But […] Read More


Sending a message of hope

| By St. Veronica Healthy Hero staff | May 2020 … St. Veronica Healthy Hero third-grade reporters have created rainbows for children in Philadelphia homeless shelters as a sign of love, joy, and hope during the coronavirus shutdown. The reporters began to make their rainbows after watching a video interview on with Dr. Karen […] Read More


Rebuilding after the virus

| By Tyler, 8th grade | May 2020 … I recently interviewed Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey who is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and former chief executive officer of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She said that our lives cannot return to normal until an effective vaccine or treatment is created. I completely agree […] Read More


What it’s like to report on the pandemic

| By Trevor, 5th grade | April 2020 … Pam Belluck is a health and science writer for The New York Times. She was part of a New York Times team awarded a 2015 Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Ebola epidemic. Ebola is a virus that in 2014-15 infected more than 28,000 people and […] Read More